Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever

Music video by Cold War Kids performing Louder Than Ever. (C) 2011 Downtown Music under exclusive license to Interscope Records in the US

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Ricky Popczyk
Very underrated this song is fucking great.
Torin Jacques
there's only one problem with this song...its too short! :)
The guy sounds like CHER.
The thumbnail to this song is genuinely the best thing ever
JayRockSkee .Bibbles
Lost their edge somewhere alonng the way. It happens to too many great bands. Robbers and Cowards is the reason I thought CWK was great and it defined what was special about them; they were unique and the music was absolutely raw like a shot of moonshine and a White Widow bong rip. It was grown folks music. This new shit is like a watered down, caffeine-free, diet Pepsi with a straw and a fig newton. I don't know what happened to them; maybe they all had an incredible gay orgy and found blah.
Just recently heard them Live at ACL. They are really good.
House of Blues
Great video CWKs!
cant believe this isnt in the millions of views! sad :( these guys are my favorite band in the world. Every cd is good 
Shiloh Elysse
Seriously my favorite song <3
Adrienne Quiroz
I love love love the lyrics to this song
Shane V
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Aaron Hendren
I'm at a weird place in life. I'd say that my life's deck of cards has dealt me twos and threes. I believe I've finally drawn my aces, here I come world.
j Masonn
guitar hero tv brought me here
Great song!
Walter Chapman
Not their best but ok. I've heard better.
Zimmy Chu
love this song!
Max Power
This is a great track! And the model girl is cute! Kinda reminds me of my ex.... :-P
FUCK the ads put adblock on your computers dumbshits if you can find youtube then you can figure out how to block ads.
Casey Luna
not in black and white!
That guy in the video, the club manager or whatever, reminds me of Edward James Olmos.