G. Love - Milk And Sugar

Music video by G. Love performing Milk And Sugar. (C) 2010 Brushfire Records

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Nicholas Brewer
Mind blown, Avett Brothers and G. Love? Holy hell that was great.
Thomas geraths
thank god for g love!
Marion Forget
One of the coolest tunes I heard to date! Just loved it :)
Ray Dorey
Put it on my favourites and it will put a little jump into my step faster than that first cup of java in the morning - Love It!
@AwkwardandNerdy There is another song about coffee. Nevershoutnever - coffee and ciggarettes.
I don't like coffee but he makes me want to like it :D It's original, I like it !
hmmm.. doesnt sound as good as when i was drunk
Cassandra Farrar
love this song g. love! your music inspires me so much! thanks for accepting my video response! :D
i like g love's milk and cereal song better
DylanoOH Games
looks like Big Cat on the piano
Steve Treanor
@MichiganMusician milk and sugar baby yeah!!!
Jack Patton
Who is that playing that sweet, sweet piano??
jo hn
I dont know about that, but I know what I like!
Siwar Bouabana
C. Manley
I think i need to buy a harmonica now. HAHA!!
Ed Thomson
Trader Joe's French Roast black please.
This song makes me smile every time I hear it.
Wow! I'm actually excited about a record for the first time in ages...and they're releasing it on VINYL!!!!!
AbneR DiiaZ
dexxx Il esTaa Buuenoo.. Classic. .:P xxdxdxdxd