Taddy Porter - Big Enough

Music video by Taddy Porter performing Big Enough. 2010 Primary Wave Records

Taddy Porter - Big Enough Смотреть онлайн
Jessica Ranee
love this song
Shawn White? j/k, awesome song!
Trent Porter
Same initials and last name as me. Sick.
Jeremy Scott
Only good thing about this vid is mike hosty as the director. Oklahoma's best songwriter.
I saw these guys open for slash. When they walked in I was like wtf who are you and when they left I was saying noooi I want mmore of your awesome music!
@xmattlovesyoux i dont think so
Christopher Schumacher
fuck vevo!
Joe Wood
I feel like the "Nananananana" part is from another song's guitar solo, too. I think Tom Petty but I can't remember the song.
Zach Helton
Oklahoma FTW and for all you saying rednecks come from oklahoma uhh thats texas oklahoma means land of red man as in native americans
@bbtb01 yup.......oklahoma's main export is amazing bands......and maybe oil and rednecks. these guys are amazing
Mark Brewer
@betz4444 beat it..
Saw these guys in concert opening for Shinedown. They were really good. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on these guys.
Betz Ogrodzinski
@dt089 Yeah, because "Na na na na na na" is exclusively trademarked by The White Stripes....come on.
this is soooo good!!
Judd Carson
good sound! i got a video of me playing at this place they filmed the video.. pretty kool
I love it!
jeremiah barnes
@kdcvilleHIM that's true, but considering that musicians like Clapton, Robert Johnson, and other blues artists aren't terribly original in style they aren't bad. Besides, they are filling in a whole left by white stripes. Music is all about the live show.
Dosent sound too bad but not original at all. Ive heard a hundred opening acts and local bands that sound like that.
The "Nahnahna Nah Nah" was totally taken from Fell in love with a girl by the White Stripes.
the song's okay, but the video is hilarious