Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now

Music video by Duran Duran performing All You Need Is Now. (C) 2011 S-Curve Records

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John Rappaport
This song has one of the best chorus in DD history. Love it.
David Tasche
Great video and song it jams
love this band!
Damn I remember when this first came out..almost 4 years ago...time flies fast
Enigma Sindel
I love this song so much!
The stranger Duran Duran is the better they are.
Pam Lujan
Oh my gosh he is still sexy even more now love his look!
How does this video not have a million views yet?! That's crazy! Best band EVER! The guys are just as sexy now as they ever were, especially Simon.
Well Dont know about that.
Simon Le Bon looks good with a beard.  Like most aging rockers, they don't look as good as they used to.  But they still sound good.
John McMillin
Six years on, I think it's safe to say this song and album definitely rank up there with their best work. Very few artists from that era can boast that
This album should have been nominated for a best alternative album Grammy.
gary itzkowitz
you dont need anyone , all you need is now......
not available
Rune Ghost
I remember when this song first came out I had to play it over and over. It felt like an old friend returning from the 90's
kukie kay
Duran Duran is the best rock/pop band ever! I'll always love them!
Kathy Pariseau
I can 't believe I did not know about this album!  Love this song! 
This song became somewhat of an anthem for me. I don't long for yesteryear. Wouldn't trade what I have now to go back to do any of it again. Had a cancer scare. No cancer. Found out I do have pernicious anemia, which I must manage for life, but that WILL be done. I need no one in my life to validate who I am either, unlike 30 years ago. All I really need IS now. Thanks guys!