Jessie J - Dr. Luke on Working with Jessie J (VEVO LIFT)

Dr. Luke has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Pink and T.I. See him chat about working with Jessie J, the first artist on VEVO's emerging artist program called LIFT.

Jessie J - Dr. Luke on Working with Jessie J (VEVO LIFT) Смотреть онлайн
He's lying about picking up the guitar. You would see his hands doing guitar movements, he didn't do shit. Maybe he did rape kesha...
rapist :)
This dude doesn't seem like someone who drugs and rapes people to me. Seems non-violent. I could be wrong, just saying. Hollywood contract disputes can probably get pretty non-friendly. And did anyone accuse him of this until they consulted the same lawyer to get out of a contract? If it happened over a period of many years then why not try to get more proof, if what they're saying is true it shouldn't be that hard. If he is not guilty, thats messed up! I think it's borderline sociopathic behavior to accuse somebody of doing those things if they are innocent. I wonder what that lawyer's history is like, regarding other cases
Danielle Kinoshita
Was biased toward Ke$ha about this whole case, but just wanted to check out the guy and see what his demeanor is like. He seems like a real asshole and someone that can't even give the best singer in the world a compliment without it being back handed. <br /><br />Seems like he's trying to belittle her songwriting by saying anything she writes will sound good coming from her voice. Wanted to make sure we all knew that he was apart of Party In The USA, and Jessie didn't write that one herself. <br /><br />And really... "she could go far" this point....not shit. That's the nicest thing you could say....
Mateo Diaz
Just so everybody knows, when the lawsuit came out in 2014, Jessie J cut all ties with Dr.Luke and unfollowed him on twitter. She was so quick to react, but she hasn't said anything. A LOT of artists have taken Keshas side, and some of them have even worked with Luke himself. Ex- Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Marina Diamondis, Charli XCX :)
Money wins..again.
Why are people calling him a rapist? Are there facts?
Nice plaid shirt dude 
Pang Pang
I am definitely a huge fan of Dr. Luke's works. He has a talented ear for making fun, catchy music that attracts and grasps the attention of listeners from all over the world!
this guy physically and sexually abused kesha<br /><br /><a href=""></a>
Matt M
i think him NOT dropping kesha actually makes him appear more guilty if anything. it says a lot about how far hes willing to go just to have that power over someone just validates Keshas argument that hes a controlling/manipulative person.
Young Mucky Music
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It's sad cause he makes such good music.
He's so cute and nice! Cmon, as much as I love Kesha he cannot possibly be a rapist!!! And then again it's her word against his.
Jeferson bernuy
Dr Luke so disgusting... e.e
Pinkmarshmellows Forever
So you all love him wanna be r8ped by him like he r8ped ke$ha he's horrible
Gazala Gladys Rasheed
new star will gonno lick his EVIL DICK bcoz HES A PRODUCER '''Dont be a VICTIM again by dr EVIL LUKE' u dont need him if ur talented ''' dr lUKE is A stealer of songs hes talent is to copy and pASTE the songs from the past '''''
I have been told to put a name on here .
Sounds like redjon from the mentalist , his body language is so weak aka he is lying , He did rape kesha
neo maphangela
Now that Harvey Weinstein's case is out over his sick acts isn't Dr Luke going to be punished aswell