Bret Michaels - Riding Against The Wind

Music video by Bret Michaels performing Riding Against The Wind

(C) 2010 Poor Boy Records Inc.

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Harold Dwight Graham
I love this song!!
Kayla Schulz
2 kid
His older music was way better. he needs to pull away from this crap he putting out now. I miss the older stuff <3
Harold Dwight Graham
I'm going to see Bret Michaels in concert for my birthday in April love the song riding against the wind
Vendetta Australia
3 guys missing.
teresa smith
this is my altime favorite song you made Brett it brought my memory back i will make it a goal to meet you one day keep playing this wonderful music bret
teresa smith
my favorite song thank you bret Michaels
Reighann Marie
Like if you're listening in 2013!
good song!!
Stephen Levesque
@beatitbuzzkill Amen to that, buddy. I totally agree!
Mamo Air
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Mamo Air
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Leo DiCpario
Bret Michaels is Good Boy
cheyenne nelson
@atrickpay11 No, its not a wig. its his hair .. The bandana is just a signature thing of his. like the Cowboy hat.
@bartvanz You have to be the most retarded little asshole ive ever seen.
Trin Web
If you knew anything about Brett, then you would know the pole dance scenes were from his show Rock Of Love. This man is a rocker and a good songwriter.
Pablo Pizzini
Now I understand why he had that cerebral accident.. nothing's like poison.
i prefer poison!!!
Brets Sweetie
Probably my fave Bret Michaels song to date... Only, because he is dedicated to his family, and only wants Kristi.... Friggin awesome!!
Mauricio Gonzalez
@crapstorm9000 whats wrong with the video? he's just puttiing on screen the things he loves the most xD