Local Natives - Airplanes

Music video by Local Natives performing

Airplanes. (C) 2010 Frenchkiss Records

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l p
I listen to this song while walking down te street dressed like a hipster
oh i love this song so much. I do i do i do. And it's like the video came directly out of my life from somewhere - like maybe from somewhere inside my crooked, sinking, ancient house that I never thought I'd have for my own. Even if it's all just an illusion. This song brings me back to the place that used to be real. It's so beautiful.
this song should deserve more views than this
Shantel De Matos
Any one else notice how this song is about someone's mom?
I want my grandpa back
Jacob Martinez
When I saw these guys live at the fox Pomona theater they played with tennis another good band ♡
theres a girl in Nightingale armour next to my video
vanessa perez
I've known these guys for a while and this was the first song that got me interested in them and it's amazing.
Manska The Alien
I've lost my grandfather the pass 2 weeks, came back to this old song just too eased the pain 💔
Ben Button
It is not funny when the bottom comments don't contradict anybody
who is watching this on youtube
Sam Blend
When I was in 2nd grade, my 16 y/o cousin passed away from leukemia & ever since I have felt as if I lost a best friend. I always thought it was strange that I could feel so close to someone that I wasn't old enough to know that well, but I have a gut feeling that we would've been very close. I never expressed this because it felt foolish & I never knew somebody else understood the feeling until I heard this song. It's incredible how deep music can resonate. I bet the wait will be worth it...
kaycee verlinde
Can someone explain to me what's the yelling in the beginning?Amazing song though😄
#Chuck !!!
@budihollijr FOALS live at reading festival - intense energy
Kiera Wilson
everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.
These people are going to get big. Best new indie band. So much better than Best Coast.
Brittany Decker
Great song!
Nick Merrick
youtube comments hehe <3
Sonata Moon Animations
I want someone to make a MAP for this song someday. I would love to see that and it would get more people to know the song!