Your Youth - Diamond

Official music video for "Diamond" by Your Youth

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Dead Poet Society
that pizza looks sooo good
i miss those days :(
@mads1120 no she isnt, she just actually uses her brains for more than the necessities. You know, blinking, breathing, etc >_>
idk y some of you are bashin what vaniset said, it's not like she doesn't kno that, it's just that she doesn't agree with getting completely wasted and wondering why her ass hurts or why she woke up in a hospital with less than agreeable injuries.
@PinoyPandaMan Idk if she watched the whole video or not but she wasn't talking about the song, she was talking about what happens in those parties. The whole point of the video is for ppl to watch it and there ARE ppl in this world who're simple enuf to go along with most anything.
@ghostgurll300 if you look at vaniset's reply to jakey, u'd realize this was a wasted comment ^-^
@vaniset Seriously.
@vaniset obviously ppl find out about alcohol and sex from videos like these. seriously man, open your eyes to the real world. this stuff is all around us. a video with 60k views does way less damage than teen idols being photographed drunk as f***. and like it or not this is what life is like for most of us non moral crusaders.
I think all of you who posted a reply that disagreed with vaniset must either be mad cuz she has more thumbs up, or bcuz ur've been a victim in a party like that. The point of the video is to tell you it's ok to let loose and do w/e u want. Inotherwords, it's ok to forgot what happens afterwards :D
Jack Sparrow
Arrggghhhh... LOve it <3
marshal t
@jamrockification Too expensive to buy
@JAKEYPLOFTUS hi i respect your opinion and i honestly think your definition of fun is not only a danger to yourself but also to others. So if this video defines your ideal a fun time then i suggest you find new friends to party with because there are millions of people in the world that know how to have a good time in ways other than this. :)
n u wonder y ur parents say no when u ask to go to a party!! hmmm i dont find promoting abuse of alcohol and unprotected sex cool why was this video even created??
@JAKEYPLOFTUS Maybe you are, and that's how YOU have "fun", But don't be saying anything about WE. I stay away from the crowd that partys like that. You, and everyone like you, who dont give a crap about consequences, will end up without any money (from buying beer and sluts), or in jail.
Stephanie T
LOL at ozzy's face
Joshua Villanueva
It's a fun song, go judge music like soulja boy eh
where did the talent go in music?
Great song, i wish i could buy 40's of beeer =[
@vaniset fuck it
matthew gamonal
@jamrockification cause people don't want the radio to suck