Les Savy Fav - Let's Get Out of Here

Music video by Les Savy Fav performing Let's Get Out of Here. (C) 2010 Frenchkiss Records

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this song is amazing
I can't believe that I ever forgot about these guys! I am so happy to have found them again!! :))
Reminds me late Pixies...
William Won't Tell
Kurt Baty
I hear some Interpol.
Thumbs if you heard this before True Blood because you know where to find good music.
Alex Andrew
pop that tre flip lol jk
Elmer Martinez
Good Tunes Yo!
fantastic track!
Common Unity
red band society!
it's been a while since the last LSF record. guess they really did get out there.
Nahi Mungkarx
awesome clip..
How about that wacker dr eh?
Mathias Moen
Black Sabbath can wait. I'm staying here for a while.
Mathias Moen
It's something about vampires and shit. Not Twilight.
your problem child
WTF is True Blood? (not even googling...)
Rhys Ashwell
All the triple J kids listen to this and they're like, awesome tune, yeh, pretty regular coming from triple J.... Then every now and then, songs from triple J make it onto tv and mainstream radio, they watchers/listeners are just like, WOW! WHAT IS THIS STUFF?! I NEED MORE!!!! Then you find them here... You can definitely tell the difference between them.
is stupid to say why you were here The important thing is that you are here
Karolis Juškauskas
I got here because of new years party and talking with some girl witch recommended me Les Savy Fav, not because True, Fake, White, Red, Black, Blue or Some other Blood!
Brendan Meaney
Fuck thumbs up good music brought me here