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You walk the streets

Never feel no guilt

You make your money selling guns on the playground

I'm so ashamed

Cause we're allthe same

Killing in the name money is the game now

And you're buying bombs

And we pay the price

Eat your lies and we feed it to the children

Is this what you what

Is this what you need

You're gonna kill us all to bring peace

My blood

My soul

Is my enemy

My love

My life

Is poison to me

I know it's not how it's supposed to be

Got no choice

No voice

I have no dignity

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Rosie Crawford
saw these in Manchester with Fall Out Boy - AMAZING
Ariella Szczupakiewicz
The ice cream is the media. Sugar coating hate and pitting us one against each other. kids are still pure so they can tell not to be mean to someone. i think that's what's going on.
This band should be way more popular than they are.
Sarah Woopie
He kinda looks like Dave Franco no ?
eve moon
I saw them live and David is the same. He dances like crazy, and sways back and forth and that was the night that I fell completely in love with him and the band. They all have so much energy and they're great live
Bah Mendonça
Love this song. The lead singer is so goddamn hot. Fu k me
Alexandra M
Six years? Are you kidding me? Still such an amazing band! Definitely a show I want to see again...
Cooper Smith
They remind me of Twenty One Pilots.
My Chemical Fall Out At The Disco
hOw cOmE I'M oNLy fiNdInG tHiS gOlD nOw?
Moral of the story? Don't take ice cream from random people and don't listen to your parents! 😂 I love this song!
milan kashyap
why are they not famous I mean they are but not much like they are really fucking good ....==
Said Kharboutli
Funny thing is that every one of there songs has some type of government-hate related lyric. And, I mean there BAND NAME is New Politics. Love the band though
Frank Shih
He looks like James Franco's brother
Guy looks like David Franco. ...
<a href="">2:49</a> fangirling
Frankie Clare
Just found this band like half an hour ago and I already fucking love them 😊
Saw and met these guys at my university can't wait to see them again with fall out boy and paramore
Didn't know Dave Franco, Zachary Quinto, and Morgan Spurlock made a band
Waill wAILL
He sounds like gerard way...👾