G. Love - Fixin' To Die

Music video by G. Love performing Fixin' To Die. (C) 2010 Brushfire Records

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michael dias
ααα  ρε RED FM!!!:P
John Roth
lol trash
Joseph Koenecke
This song was written by Bukka White about 70 years ago.
manoy ko
Πόσες φορές έχει παίξει στον Red αυτό το κομμάτι?
Brandon Colebar
i wonder how many of those 785,569 views are all mine.
Ossian Kent
This is a very interesting version of Bukka White's Fixin' To Die Blues!
Patrick Willy
você é linda
William Scarbrough
Heard all the other versions, this ones definitely the best!
Ric Room
Not Bukka White or Bob Dylan but they do justice to the song.
adam alati
i clean this guy's dad's pool on cape cod... i've met him b4....whaaa?
kenny webb
When I was a teenager we had a Open Door Baptist Church had the best acoustics a echo in the Baptismal..I'm in Texas and now a Hispanic Church Go Fiqure.
G Love! Philly...
jean sebastien Auclair
le grand voyage.pour vivre il me samble d etre une partie du cosmos.y lie a surmannd beaucoup de monde dans cecette univer.thinthin
Thomas Kapicka
what harmonica key you use
thats pretty horrible
ismene calra
i love it 
Shelly Stacey
Love it!
James Lovelace
christine fragou
that's a really good song!! l love it !!
Κώστας Παχνής
Τραγουδαρα!!! Αγαπαμε red!! 3