Weezer - Vevo GO Shows: I'm Your Daddy

VEVO GO Shows: Weezer shows up at a neighborhood park for an impromptu performance of "I'm Your Daddy." (C) 2010 DGC/Interscope Records

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Jordan Butler
you'll go to sleep tonight and wake up to rivers whispering "I'm your daddy" in your ear.
Doug Davis
Do those kids realize how lucky they were??
Arsius von Glass
damn kids why theys is all wearing pajamas at the park, this aint space camp
Not Brenda
rivers singing to kids saying he's their daddy, 2010 ok but in 2016 lmao i'd love to see their reaction.
I think this is the first time I listened to his speaking voice.
thomas everett
that would be cool as hell!!! go to the park. and see weezer.
Dean Domino
Telling kids "Im your daddy" still strikes me as a bit weird
Declan Poehler
THIS is the best Wiggles performance I've ever seen.
It's not really "bad". The bad songs are Can't Stop Partying and Love is the Answer. Don't Want to Let You Go, Put Me Back Together, an Story of my Life were great, and the rest are catchy if nothing else.
Niki Stebbins
how bout you come to my park
Don't really like the sound of his voice :s It might be harsh but I was picturing someone drunk at a party trying to sing the best he could while listening to this video... Wasn't nice for my ears. Too bad I had a good time listening to some other songs of them
Grant Robertson
I hate the lyrics to this song so much but I can't help but like it.
Juan J. Dueñas
so "I'm Your Daddy" was more tame than "Can't Stop Partying"?
orange tortilla
He wrote this song when his daughter was in the hospital.
what on god's green earth-
bertrand boubée
super job ,cool
I wish I was there D: They should come to Louisiana Boardwalk (x
Yes your right. But if I had to pick a Weezer album to skip..Raditude would be it
go Weezer
Sean Moorey
Guy was wearing a Rancid shirt.