Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude (Explicit)

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Suga's three dolla chain
THIS SONG IS FIRE MANNNNN🔥 <br /><br />(Get it? Infires? Is fire? No?)
IuLiA GliGoR
2k18 ????❤❤❤
Sarah DZ
2018 ??anyone <br />💓💓💓
<b><a href="">1:38</a></b><b> and pause it.</b><br />me when I first heard a Jessie J song
Women can be tough and badass like a men. Men can cry and be emotional like a women. in the end we are both beings UvU
cheer up!
as an army, y'all needa chill with the comments about suga. this song is amazing and it has nothing to do with bts. because not everything is about bts? much love. jessie slaying as always ♡♡
Katie Strauchon
she reminds me of Abby from NCIS
Türkçe Çeviriler
It' 2017 but this is still my jam
Kirangopal Singh
I just noticed that's fka twigs in background
My Grey Memories
Those lips though
Amira thelegitbawse
I love her face at <a href="">1:38</a> lol
Aswda Jamal
Mickayla Wilson
I  want to know how they did that lipstick.....
who's here just to see FKA Twigs 😂😍🔥🔥
U infire me BTS
Suga suga suga <br />I hear my husband name
Amira thelegitbawse
Back in 2010 I could barely even speak English and now I realize I was saying all these curses
bibi_playz_ XD
when i first saw this video i was like: 'shes a psychopath' but now im like: 'SHES AMAZING'
Alexandra Datcu
Seven years
Mihaela Maria
Do it like a dude❤
taylor r
This is such a gender accepting song. I've recently come out as trans within my friends and omg I see this song in such s different light now. At the bridge, there's a person dancing and it looks like they're wearing a binder, which tbh they shouldn't if they're dancing, but I was thinking, this is such an accepting song