Jessie J - Get To Know Jessie J (VEVO LIFT)

She wrote "Party in the USA" for Miley, has a song called "Do It Like a Dude," and is making some serious waves in the UK. We think it's time you met Jessie J, the first artist on VEVO's emerging artist program called LIFT.

Jessie J - Get To Know Jessie J (VEVO LIFT) Смотреть онлайн
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Jessie j u rule the earth with ur talent!!!u rock
oyuncak dünyamız
okey love
MA Delaide
marguerite goggins
love. love. love
Wassim Zakaria
purple arts
She's from London?
Lucas Martins Ferreira
Jessie J I Love you so much!!! Brazil loves you!!! You're beautiful, you're Wonderful, is the best. Your voice is the most amazing. I Love you Jessie J
Sheila Partion
Chris Betancourt
It's the Grand High WITCH!
Chris Betancourt
Hey look its Anjelica Huston in "The Witches"
Anderson St. Martin
hey everyone i'm Anderson and i know u'r thinkin' 'here he goes' and i do... i don't make fancy covers, i just got my voice and my guitar and i'm just a boy with a huge dream who's singin' in his room, please give me a try and check out my covers! thanks!
charlotte Hunter
I love price tag sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!
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Hamdan Abdullah
Saylehm Sakkinen
Lowndon?! Is that near Fineland?
Beam Puksuk
I love jesslej
Mustafa Pakcan
I love jessy
pinel aj
i love jessie j she is my idle , if she didn't live i don't know what i would do with my life. I am her biggest fan and hopefully i will go on the voice and be in her team :)
lydie mouaziz
jessie i am probably ur n1 fan in the world i love u so much, and yh... I love ur songs too! LOVE YA
lydie mouaziz
me 2