Queen «The show must go on» в исполнении яркой девушки. Х-Фактор - ТОП 100

29-летняя Юлия довольно сильна в вокальном плане. Она непревзойденно спела песню Queen «The show must go on». Исполнение легендарной песни равнодушным не оставило никого!

Не пропусти следующий выпуск и эксклюзивные материалы!

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Queen «The show must go on» в исполнении яркой девушки. Х-Фактор - ТОП 100 Смотреть онлайн
Rickey Mitchell
oh my gosh, she is fantastic! i couldnt stop wacthing or listening. the costume, the red hair, and most of all, that voice! the diction was a bit sketchy, but it didnt matter. it only made her personna stronger. this girl has some serious chops!
Sergey Galuza
no doubt, the best cover so far
Brian Eastburn
I hate when people try to cover Freddie, but she did a damn nice job. Kudos, right down to the mic stand.
Marisa Fitzzyy
holy shit she's amazing!!!
Totally unbelievable! 25 years i have been waiting for something like this. Freddie is very difficult to cover, but you nailed it perfectly. No one didn`t came close until now. Thank you for this.
Gavin Jones
omg...chills. great cover!!!!!! one of my favorite Queen songs, and you took it over the top!!!! thank you!
Essam Turk
I love this performance
I love it! Very good singer! Further success! :)
Lion Myfassa
Песня спета очень красиво))) она спела красиво и внешность красивая))))
faridz rahman
Can't stop playing this 👍
Roberto Peralta
OMG couldn't hold that tear from rolling down...idk if music is about feeling, connecting with emotions and making other people feel and connect too but if it is, this amazing lady was the personification of music itself on stage. looking at the audience, looking at the ceiling maybe she was seeing Freddie in her mind while she was performing...I think that, at some point, she totally forgot she was in a contest, being judged and all that. l mean, look at her face, her eyes and expressions and movements her energy she was fierce! she wasn't trying to emulate Freddie in any way but got totally possessed by the song. i guess this is what music all about, this legacy, love, peace, a universal language...songs are forever and their makers live forever in millions of voices all around the world. this was epic
Dwayne Eisner
there is only one freddie, but dam she did good, hats off to her
Anju Sukumaran
Thousand thumps up won't be gud for this song....... Whenever I hear this song I am getting Goosebumps...... Kudos to this young lady for singing freddie mercury song..... Love you girl...... Keep doing it.....
I couldn't stop looking at her eyes
Alex Flores
Very good rendition, you have a powerful voice. молодець!
Frenk Lee
Сильно исполнила!
User One
THE show
Metrea Afterglow
You won X Factor in light years. It was really good. Have not seen this before, but so good.
gary cann
"SHE-ROCKS" 5-minutes more......Please..... A Concert Starring her,,,,,,Please.........Somebody rich go get her bring her to America