Weezer - I'm Your Daddy

Music video by Weezer performing I'm Your Daddy. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

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I never thought raditude was 'bad', It just didn't really feel like weezer, they have their own charm and raditude sort of dropped their personal influence on songs was shelved with raditude in favor of more poppy songs where anybody could put themselves in the shoes of the song (well, they've always been like that, but it still felt different). I appreciate raditude, but i'm happy that phase has long since passed.
Sydney ZIER
Weezer started the daddy kink
Penn Stanton
Step 1: pause this shameful video
Step 2 : find search bar.
Step 3: Type "pinkerton"
Step 4: ???
Step 5: profit
im gonna have to kinkshame u right there rivers
daddy af!
Ghost Assassin
MTV brought me here about 6 years ago. Why I'm commenting now?

No idea.
What is it about this album people dont like?
Katy Regina
At 1:19 there is a split second shot of a guy in glasses watching a monitor of Scott wearing his Weezer snuggle trying (and failing) to knit. The man is the director of the Weezer Snuggie commercial. That man is also my father. Love you dad and your millisecond of fame ❤️
Benjamin Stewart
1:31 I spy Hayley Williams!
aaron enriquez
Weezer tickets---$175,  Weezer Tour shirt---$45, The sight of a grown asian man crying during "I'm your Daddy" at 2:55?   Priceless!
this hypes me so much since im seeing them in a few hours with panic!
Diego Panconquesoyjamon
Tacalo King
is it bad that i kinda of like this
Gore Elohim
hail satan
1:37 I love how the guy holding Rivers is just so chill.
this song is amazing!!!!
Staš Hvala
Chorus sounds like Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo on times
Amy Cruz
Muy buen video lml
Los amo <3
lyrics are meh, but the instrumentals are actually pretty good wouldlistenagain/10
Jesse James
the Asian guy at 2:45 is legit crying xD