Taylor Swift - Love Story (Live on Letterman)

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story (Live on Letterman). Big Machine Records, LLC.

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felix the cat
People wonder how she is the biggest thing in music. Simple. First of all she can make a granny dress look super sexy. 2nd. Look at how she treats her fans. She makes them feel more important than she is. She is a good person. And this is coming from a die hard metal fan.
Jm Albiso
To all the people who says the dress is bad or my grandma wears it shut up just because she's rich and famous doesn't mean she has to wear fancy stuff it doesn't matter what she wears anyway because she will always look beautiful no matter what.
Noel James Riggs
That's what class and grace looks like.
She is real always original love you tayler...
I miss her country songs so much it's not like i hate her songs they are great actually but i miss the old ones oh well that's life things change not everthing stays the same and she still write her songs that has they just became pop music I MUST MOVE ON :))
Riska Maelani
omg, her voice. the most beautiful voice in the world
Harry Klyne
she interacts with her fans so much,this sets her apart from others,she makes them feel good!
Have anyone noticed, as she came back to the stage again, she gave her hand to a women in the second row wich she 'skipped'.<br />I like Taylor 💜
Tristan Abordo
should Taylor Swift and the Backstreet Boys collab a song? I think it will be perfect cuz Backstreet Boys was greatest band and Taylor has sweetest voice ever!!<br />Do you agree guys with me? Like this if you agree😊
Existential Crisis
I can't believe I came from Pewdiepie to nail polish tutorials to Taylor Swift. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23typicalfriday">#typicalfriday</a>
mark malone
lot of poison comments on here as usual . not my thing but she has talent. .. seem to me. if u had her talent u wud be there instead of here. instead u sit ere and bitch . o figure
Uzair Khan
Watching in 2018 am I the only one???
Bảo Thy
Tôi yêu Taylor Swift. <3
Hannah O'Byrne
I literly just cried so much
Ozge Mng
I adore her and also her voice 💜💜
honestly I'm so fed up of all this bullshit written about Taylor everywhere nowadays ...she is clearly extremely talented and has WORKED HER WAY TO THE TOP
Lexie McChesney
i want her to make a song with a genre like this, i miss the old taylor so much 😢
Classy girl....Good for her for staying that way and being a true role model for the kids. 
Namitha Vinod
die hard fan of taylor swift