Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music (CMA Awards '10)

Music video by Brad Paisley performing This Is Country Music (CMA Awards '10). (C) 2010 Country Music Association

Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music (CMA Awards '10) Смотреть онлайн
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Jason H
This song is so good and yet nobody appreciates it like they should. Still get chills every time I watch this.
Ben Lico
Anybody else notice how he sounds exactly the same live as he does recorded? This is why country will be the best; because these artists can do something very crucial that no other genre seems to be able to... SING!
People generally have a lot of negative to say about country music today, and there's truth to your narrative. But Country was born like the blues, story songs about common people who have little. This is a good song. Modern country should listen and build off this. We want a common man hard times song with a story damn it. And you big pop country stars owe us that. Know your history.
Aisling Richard
I love Brad, I don't believe he gets enough credit for his work anymore
Wishing Brad a very Happy 43rd Birthday today! :) Born Oct 28, 1972 in Glen Dale, West Virginia!
Courtney Kramer
Can't believe EOTY was the last CMA he's won, and that was 6 years ago. So underrated, love this song!
booboo tilton
He sounds identical to the recording!! Wow!!
Abheek Chatterjee
This song gives me the chills, always, even after hundreds of replays.... reminds me of George Jones' Who's Gonna fill their Shoes....

Think God Himself chose Brad Paisley to fill Those Shoes.....
jack z
this song does not get enough radio play!

kx94.7 lets gooooooooo
am I the only 20 something that likes John Denver and also thinks that he looks like Steve Irwin
barry dennis
He was told not to say the word Jesus by the producers but this man has guts, we need more folks like him in this generation!
Matthew Sawyer
As soon as this song mentions our troops it has me tearing up. God bless our troops and God bless you Brad Paisley, keep making songs like this.
Well done Brad. Keep it up.
Wyatt Webb
I love how original he sounds he doesn't try to be rap or pop to get more fans he is country and as far as I can tell he likes being it and his voice is even so unique that if one of his songs I've never heard comes on it only takes a couple of seconds to figure out who is singing
Best live singer!
Allysson Harket
Perfect Song -- Música Perfeita!!!!
Joseph Gunter
Doesn't get any better than that. Artist of the Century? Maybe.
Raveena Singh
Love how this song describes pretty much every country song ♥
Jaime Muñoz
I love country music!! Greetings from Chile :D
Vicki Seiler
I love this man for all that he is. Thank you Brad for standing up for your beliefs and the for the majority. God Bless you.