Hey Monday - Vevo GO Shows: I Don't Wanna Dance

VEVO GO Shows hits Harvard Square for a surprise show from Hey Monday. Watch them perform "I Don't Wanna Dance" for the locals! (c) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

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David Turner
The people who got to experience this performance live are so lucky. Thinking back on the groups I listened to in Middleschool and Highschool, I miss Hey Monday a lot. I wish Casadee would take a break from country. 
Catie W
How are people walking by them like they're not there! I would be SO happy to see them live.
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Serious Pitch Issues,,, She May Not Want to Dance,,, But She Shouldn't Quit Her Day Job,,,
Jennifer Barriga Gonzalez
that iphone 3g tho
She doesn't even sound the same way she did in this in her new solo songs...
Brittany Butler
i remember my friend told me, "hey monday's gonna be here today!" ...but, i was busy & i couldn't make it. :\ *sadness.* - watching this video was pretty cool, though. seeing them performing in an area where i am frequently. :)
Jonathan Ferris
Great, now I want a Cassadee Pope.
Nicholas Niebank
who, the computer really cleans her up. she sounds pretty good. but the the recording version is noticably different
Evelyn Prestigiacomo
Who wants to play Count-the-Number-of-VitaminWater-bottles game?
Liv Robinson
Going solo was the best decision Cassadee ever made. No offense to Hey Monday cause I loved that band. BUT, you can tell how much more she grew on The Voice than when she sung for Hey Monday. In HM, she shouted more than she hung. Did you hear her sing Cry, Stupid Boy, Over You, Torn, or With You? GORGEOUS. She's always been amazing, but now she's really reached her potential. Super proud of her. Can't wait for an album.
Dakota Richardson
im from russia
lol the crowd looks dead
Jesus, finally - someone who can sing live. Although, the chorus sounds a bit iffy, but other than that, amazing job. And I'd have to agree with sceldia4700, that made laugh a bit too. Heh.
hahha,,, A Russian guy right there... he completed the ending... lol
Jeet Sonwani
Please just come back for one show <3
@nikel3161 ice cream cake is better ;D
Grimson Ghost
how about those titties at the end
Trent Miller
@xbluebearluvx well seing as how its a female lead singer and two male guitar players, all with the same style that paramore has when they play acoustic, i'd say theyre pretty similar. these people just aren't as good. just watch any paramore live acoustic video and compare the two. i think most people would agree with me
Trent Miller
@mandapalomino5 hilarious.