Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love (Live on Letterman)

Music video by Florence + The Machine performing You've Got The Love (Live on Letterman). © 2010 Universal Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company

Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love (Live on Letterman) Смотреть онлайн
Hank Fuddle
If this was the first time they heard Florence they were probably so dumbfounded they just wanted to sit and let the beautiful music sink in.    There are many different ways to enjoy music---sometimes dance,  sometimes sing along,  other times just sit and absorb.
OG Rod
10x mad at the audience because this is one of my favorite songs by Florence.
Venetia Stagg
Imagine if she did a duet with Paolo Nutini...HEAVEN
Beautifull in all senses !!! Best singer on earth with Muse !!!!
Harold Caruana
Are those at the front rows dummies......how could they not move!!!!
FYI ..This was the first ever live concert stream from the letterman show , she performed a 45 minute mini concert , and then came out during the show and performed cosmic love . I watched it live . Secondly , this group was here just for FATM .and from all the comments I have been reading , this is in THE Infamous Ed Sullivan Theatre , jumping around and ' normal concert behavior ' is not permitted . if you saw the whole show , the fans had signs made , applauded with the Love she deserves , and gave a standing ovation when she performed 'Heavy in your arms ' .
Michelle Lim
ugh, why does the audience seem so bored watching Florence and the machine, I'd be jumopng up and down if I were there
Asif Khan
Florence Welch is a phenomenal talent, one of my all time favourites but she was flat here, maybe that's why the audience were so unresponsive?
the audience is not standing up probably because she's SO OUT OF TUNE throughout the whole song
peoples.  i dont think they are allowed to stand up and jump up and down. lol
I hate stupid people
this is my favourite performance of you've got the love
Vani Mansilla
What the hell is wrong with the audience?!!! Are they dead?? You have Florence singing like a goddess right in front of you. MOVE, JUMP, SCREAM!! Do something!
We saw her perform last night in Barclays center in Brooklyn NY and Florence and the Machine and had the entire city on a levitated euphoric frenzy state!!! She has that aura about her to soulfully touch your soul
Farrell Greyeyes
This was so weird with the audience. lol<br />But I loved it.
jeff deathrage
is 'florence' a man?
class. voice. talent. charm
Benjamin Karam
Flo has a great but relatively 'flat' voice. It's how she turns it into her advantage that I really admire.
people realize this is a talk show and not a concert, right? of course you'd be jumping up and down and screaming if you were there - because you're treating this as a CONCERT performance. most of those people probably came to watch letterman live, and the live music was an add-on. who knows if they knew the song or even who florence was. plus - in talk shows, you're not supposed to be freaking out in the audience. that does not mean they weren't enjoying it. personally, id be annoyed as fuck if the audience i was in was screaming and drowning out the singer, because what's the point of going if you care more about yelling over her in whatever awful pitch you're using than actually enjoying the beauty of her voice, whether you're at a show or a concert.
joao santos
i love the song!
Diego Henrique Pinheiro Damasceno
This song is going to perpetuate for generations.