Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song (Live on Letterman)

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Music video by Florence + The Machine performing Drumming Song (Live On Letterman). © 2010 Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company

Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song (Live on Letterman) Смотреть онлайн
J Morgs
Forget the drums, Florence is hotter than hell!
Caitlin Brainard
Florence knows how to command a stage. She is literally the best live performer I've seen in this day and age. What an amazing artist!
Roberto Peralta
she's too wild and fierce for such a dull audience... this kind of music is meant to move mountains, get volcanos bursting, make the rain fall down, lightning strikes and take your soul out of your body to dance
Samantha Vettel
Literally one of the most perfect voices ever,
Angel Sv
2 things i feel when i hear this song, really misterious power and  a sick and so beautiful desire 
Dave Lucas
Did Letterman have her perform a whole concert?  Holy smokes.
Chairs are the only things in the world that shouldn't be allowed to enjoy a florence and the machine show !
2017 still here. Damn she's unique
Holy. Shit. How the F*** did I not heard this before?
Donnet Lazaro
it sounds better live than the album version, i love this version but my fav one is the version of the itunes festival live from soho
La admin loka
I love this song and my friends say that this song is satanic
The true Red Woman!
L Silva
Victoria Bacharach
I would love to see Florence do a duet with Siouxsie Sioux
Gabriel Moreira
It's 2017 and I can still feel the magic that is this music
Devin M.
2017 and still haunting as hell
Stephen Sugg
Amazing how the build up to that release at 3:17 can give you chills without using a single word.
she is possessed by an angel!!! <3 <3
I hate stupid people
I want her legs
I love the Synthesizer in this version