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Plants, as far as i know are still,

Still bending toward the light

And if we dance

Until the heart explodes

It'll make this place ignite

And even if this hall collapses

I can stand by my pillar of hope it's just

A case of Flash delirium

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0:01 You can see a sign with "sue the spiders, sink the welsh". that's the last part of the song lyrics
Sue the spiders
Sink the Welsh
Stab your facebook
Sell sell sell
Mass adulation not so funny
Poisoned honey
Pseudo science
Silly money
You're my honey
Maxine Taylor
Cindy M
oh my god Andrew is the most beautiful human on earth
Congratulations is one of the most underrated albums of all time
Paige Paige
andrew vanwyngarden is freaking adorable
Dear Bird
First time watching their videos. Compared to all their other ones I actually thought "hey this ones kind of normal" and then I got toward the end...
the thing in his throat is raw musical talent, the army/government is the music industry or producers or whatever. In the back of the car, he is expressing that he is uncomfortable keeping his talent away from everyone. Notice how evryone is taking a piece of a cake with his face on it at 0:43 ? everyone is there to get a piece of his 'pie'. Notice how even in the line dance, people do not look like their having fun? they're just going through the motions until they get to cash in on that pie. the bald one is an audio engineer, waiting for the talent to come outr and then manipulate it and stake his claim in that pie. the puppets represent a third party that is catering to the music corporations so that he will give his talent up to them by telling him what they want him to hear, convinced by this, he stands up and whips his talent out. before anyone can get over how beautiful it is, his talent is ripped from him and put into a machine where it is milked dry and manipulated until no longer resembles it's original self.
If Wes Anderson and David Lynch made anything together it would look like this. I'm pretty sure the eel killing, anus machine would've been David's idea.
xE Shirt
electric feel - 70 million views
this - 6 million

what is wrong with people, this is their best song!
Mgmt for life
lexis Acklin
Actually Guys...:
The beginning of the video shows MGMT's fans who are excited that they have a new album, so its like a welcoming party. They're old people cause they're old fans of MGMT. And then we see someone try to open the bandages on Ben's neck, as they try to discover another "hit song" by MGMT (I'll explain that later). With the whole puppet part, I think MGMT is branching off from people liking them for the wrong reasons to make a general comment about society, and making the same mistakes over and over.

Then the woman starts to play that song on the recorder or whatever, which encourages Ben to show his own song. There's a hole in Ben's neck which produced MGMT's more popular songs.. "Kids", "Electric Feel", etc. Its bandaged up, to represent that MGMT won't make any more mainstream songs. It was supposed to heal. Andrew is hesitating on whether or not to show any one another mainstream song from the eel, aka "Electric Feel", aka another hit song. Then Ben rips off the bandage and the 'hit song' starts to play.. and then people have "wtf" looks on their faces cause they were probably expecting the music they played in their previous album. And some other people just see the dollar signs (the military dudes who take it out of Ben's throat), by transforming their music and MGMT's image into something they didn't want. The eel, aka the song, is then put into the music business system "strange machine".As a result of that, the song becomes mainstream, and the people who wtf'd at the song before suddenly like it and are dancing to it! the fake fans of mgmt.. they just like it now cause its popular. The military people could represent MGMT's fans who just are waiting for another "Electric Eel" or "Kids" to make a big deal about. 
And then craziness ensues.. the flashing lights.. meaning the more fame. I think the song is called Flash Delirium because MGMT is blatantly saying they don't want to be mainstream, cause all the flash bulbs of cameras going off by people making a big deal out of them, taking pics, etc, is making them crazy. 

Maybe Ben was thinking about making another "Electric Feel" song, but Andrew told him of the consequences.. and told him that all this craziness would ensue, and they'd become even more famous, which isn't their goal, since there are people who just listen to their popular songs because its "hip" and won't listen to their other songs yet say they are big fans. In the video shows Ben going along with what Andrew said until he was tempted to show the song and then they literally take the life out of him.. (by taking out the eel) but he's famous! "A case of flash delirium" means they are sick of the fame! On the other hand, maybe IRL Ben feels the same way as Andrew w/ the whole thing (most likely) but they did this song to show people what would happen if they just made another "Electric Feel" and how it would drive them crazy.. they don't wanna be consumed by fame.

Flynn Tavish Wilbur
Why does this remind me of a really bizarre episode of Doctor Who?
Turn off all the lights, put some headphones on, play this song, close your eyes, and just let this song take you. It's really cool trust me.
Tess Holden
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
There are only a few bands that I've had a common interest in with my friends, and MGMT was one of them. Then this came out and we lost that common interest, but I fucking love it.
Koda Smith1
Yah kids, moral of the story, don't do drugs...
Armaan Kalkat
Easily my favourite music video of all time!
Rusty Shackleford
This song gets better every time I listen to it
This song is so good. The constant twists and turns it throws at you never get old.
*scrolls down for theories about the video *