Neon Trees - Vevo GO Shows: 1983

Neon Trees surprises the crowd at a movie screening with a performance of "1983" in this edition of VEVO GO Shows.

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(C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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John Tanner
They sound so good acoustic.
my favorite band dont like any other song in the world
เเซ่แต้ นะครับ
peggy bome
.<br />dolly parton pordennn wages wagrmwagenwsge<br /><br /><br />nollrm pattern potfenwagrn
paulius DievoNestas
Carmen Lentini
Donna Jones
I could sing this all day! <a href="">#EpicMusic</a>  
Waleed Abdo
like)))) Respect!!!
tonya dove
I like
tonya dove
I like
Joni Léman
I love this !!!
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jolie fée
why i don't have a boy like him.
bill allen
ouch! they felt that.
j lindholm
i love this band so much! they are so down to earth love that!!
I'm jelly if that girl who was literally one seat away from them.
El Guitarrista Dominicano-LoFi Sequencer Lio
Is this a new Backstreet Boys but with a girl?
Darby Gomez
Wow actually nice they can actually sing!! Jeez most bands suck live! they were really good!