Duffy - Duffy At The Roxy

Music video by Duffy performing Duffy At The Roxy. (C) 2010 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

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she's perfect
The thing with her voice is... you either like it or you don't... I don't like her voice, I love it! :D She seems to be such a nice person, very sweet and vey talented.
I don't know why but she looked tired or sad.
Ricardo santos
Linda... canta muito...
David hughes
she is still so in chanting , just beautiful.
First she ditches her manager of 4 years who helped with all her initial success. Then appoints new management who choose a third rate song as the first lead single from her new album as a result of which it dies a death chart wise and fails even to get into the top 40 ! Then lacking a hit single the album limps into the album chart and just scrapes into the top 10 before dropping. Unless there are some hit singles to come from the album , Endlessly will soon be forgotten
Eymard Vivas
¿Video Oficial?
Duffy Love your Way ! ! ! great music for sure ! ! ! Ooah and that's not because your a Hottie ! ! !
Steph E.
i NEED NEW duffy music!!! :D
She's so different, unique... very talented , go Duffy!
Eva Weingarten Music
her voice sounds like Lousi Armstrong..she uses waaay to much forceful vibrato
I love you Duffy! you're amazing!
For attention... you gave her what she wanted.
don't like her that much as i see her perform..where's that sultry Duffy from the "Stepping Stone" video??
when I look at her.. she gives me that 70`s vibe xD
Ray Knight
Your music is as beautiful as yourself. Amazing. Unique. Sexy. I love every song you've got out.
gary allen
i think duffy needs some good lovin from gary mmmmmmmmmm
Tomáš Hotra
Eres un cielo te quiero mi vida!!!! I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!! DESDE ESPAÑA -BARCELONA