Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Live on Letterman)

"Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Live on Letterman)"

Music video by Katy Perry performing Teenage Dream (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

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Devin Sumer
Just because it doesn't sound like the original MP3 version it doesn't mean it sounds bad. This performance was hella awesome!
Austin Harner
People say it's easy to sing better than her......if it's easy to sing better than her then why aren't you a pop singer with millions of dollars?
it seems like she can actually sing, so I don't know why people have to turn the backup singers up so high and also play a tape of Katy singing along with the live vocals. it's like they think everything has to sound perfect... come on, people, if you want perfection just play the MP3. live music isn't about perfection, it's about feeling, and it's hard to get an organic feeling from this when Katy's live vocals are being whitewashed
Frida Ramirez
To all the haters, friendly reminder, her worst performance is better than your best song you've sang :)
Jackson Wooten
Talent way better then gaga ps gaga is over and katy is rising
Dawn C
When her and her background singers sing you can pick out her voice so fast. She has such a amazing uniqe and powerful voice. <3 you Katy forever!
harry potter
She does sing well c'mon! Stop being so small-headed and consider every mainstream artist/song a bad thing. If they're successful is due to the cool music they make
Sara Abdi
the 5sos version is much better, even though I love katy and her voice
Nikole Jackson
saying "she can't sing" isn't going to change anything, she's on top with her career, so good for her :)
Jordan Phillps
This should prove she can sing.... She isn't a powerhouse singer like Celine Dion or Pink Or Adele, but she has a familar voice and can be picked out of a crowd... She has a unique voice like Carrie Underwood...
ivan yair vargas renteria
1:53 taylor swift?
Born This Way monster
Just comparing Katy Perry's Teenage Dream with Dark Horse. I found out that Katy Perry's songs are incomparable because they are all so epic! I LOVE KATY!
Melanie Reyo
At least it's better than.....HOT AND COOD LIVE(•~•)
Thiênvy Nguyễn
she is beautiful
Lmao she tries so hard in the beginning but she better give up. I love Katy, I love her songs but she"s such a bad singer, she's more of an entertainer
alexandra mora yagual
she's fantastic -
Ray StOr
the Intro of this live it's FANTASTIC! So powerful
Was her microphone off or something ?
Chamath Amarasinghe
I'm envy of her
Luiz Gustavo
Katy Perry na melhor época, leembro que nessa época ela tava no auge, e tambem as melhores musicas nesse tempo kkkk