Gorilaz - Clint Eastwood (Live on Letterman)

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Music video by Gorillaz performing Clint Eastwood (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

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Colton Moore
I always pictured this song being preformed in a really smokey, dark bar.
Dokka Chapman
is it me or has the level of rapping skills gone down in the last 8 years? It was good, but it wasn't as slick as Del or Cypher.
1:44 Lol, perfect recovery
Hector Gonzalez
For all you idiots who keep commenting on why they get different rappers, saying that it sucks, or why they don't use Del's lyrics, here's why. Back in 2001, Del wanted more money to perform the song live, but the group wasn't willing to pay him so much, so he took off along with the rights to use the lyrics.
Lol, dude trying to steal notes on 4:14 :D
Judson Kolk
3:23 forever alone :'-)
Damon is the cutest gold toothed Brit
original rap was better and fitts in the original song.
Finally true music without any auto tune !
Derpy_Derp _Boy
Why are the rappers singing different lyrics then the album version?
Tanyahachi 07
Im pretty shock read most of the comments, for the record i would die to watch this band gorillaz live especially meet that guy with red stripes aka Damon Albarn
Damn. This my first time seeing Gorillaz as themselves. I prefer the cartoon fronts and studio versions.
Someone tell this guy to pull up his pants.
HI FIVE....nop 3:22
Dias Aidossov
That was fucking awesome but can someone explain me what's up with lyrics?😅
Did the future ever actually come on?
John Hayes
Anyone noticed at 1:46 Damon was ready to fall over because of his mic?
Matija Kokovic
Eh....played this to hear the rap part and then bam...middle finger up ur asshole
Sonic Titan
Someone tell that guy his pants are falling off
Samuel Braddock
Is it just me or do they sound horrible live?