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Spend a day in the life of industry hustlers Good Charlotte on this edition of VEVO24s!

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btw Thanks Good Charlotte for having accompanied me throughout some of the darkest of my days. I really enjoy your music and the meaning you put into it. That's really deep stuff put into a simple formula. I especially like the song and video to Predictable which to me is about procrastination and how we deceive ourselves over and over. Thank you !
@SharonxxLove That's Bridgette, I met her at the CityWalk Show, that chick is one crazy little fan, but they love her.
haron tailor
i miss Old Good charlotte!
Are you guys do concerts??? If you do please come to Melbourne I reall y want to see you!!😢🙏🏼
Allison Rossino
Are they still a band?
haron tailor
good charlotte is one of my favor8 ghothic punk rock,
Beth Edser
omg! these guys are so amazing. they are my heroes
I really want to meet you guys
Like It's Her Birthday by Good Charlotte
whats the songs name that sings on the bacground guys telll meeeeeee
Franco Longo Colaneri
good good charlotte :D
I <3 GC
Lauren S
@philinmotion I agree, they have helped me a great deal too, I love them so much! I'm glad other people were bale to get something out of their music as well.
Fernando Henriquez
All right, this isn't 16 and pregnant or teen mom... This is Dr. Drew with GOOD CHARLOTTE lml
@lessthanyoudeserve you do know bands evolve, no one wants to bye the same album over and over. I can give you a very long list of actual sellouts, and also, I don't find it insulting either, but it was that spare of the moment type thing and it was the first thing that came to mind.
@lessthanyoudeserve yes. You're pulling the sellout card. No one likes that card.
@lessthanyoudeserve fag.
i want to hug joel and benji!
Hayk Karapetyan
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@Keitai5263 <----- So ignorant and deep in the closet, he can't even spell faggot right in fear that someone might think he's gay