Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live

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I need an alarm system in my house

So I know when people are

Creeping about

These people are

Freaking me out (these days)

It's getting hectic everywhere that I go

They won't leave me alone

There's things they all wanna know

I'm paranoid of all the people I meet

Why are they talking to me?

And why can't anyone see

I just wanna live

Don't really care about the things that theysay

Don't really care about what happens to me

I just wanna live

Just wanna live

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i remember when this song came out back in middle school when i was an angry teenager and my mom didnt understand me lol
Elizabeth Najar
Qué tiempos !!
bony bo
Escuchar esta canción y recordar la adolescencia u.u con 25 años ya me siento vieja 😂😂😀😁
Canadiana O
I miss songs from the early 2000s, can't we just trade modern pop singers for real singers & bands? whose with me?
Zoey Arielle
Heidi Caterina
<a href="">2:51</a>-<a href="">2:54</a> was that part referred to Ashley Simpsons lip-sync fail haha :D
No Idea
The carrot looks 100% done with this shit.
Karma 카르마
I used to listen to this song as a kid soooo much, but I had completely forgotten about it! Now I stumbled across this again and all I can say is, I'm still in love. I'm so happy now!
I remember in 2000 when we all said that music has gone to shit and it was better in the 80s! wow how we were wrong. We had it good with our music, us 90s kids!
Georgia B
This was the first song I heard by Good Charlotte!
I'm 27 and I just rolled back my teenage years ..... I want to go back to 2003-2007.
Mannie and Genecia
2016 anyone?
Tyra Irvine
I saw them live last night with All Time Low and I wasnt keen on them until i saw them live aha. THIS SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD
luis valenzuela
I remember those days when I was a children... it's song was and will be amazing.
Hector Sanchez Farfan
aiii yuz wana leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Katsura Kotonoha
MTV R.I.P </3
bony bo
Listening in 2018 :)
Bruno Lopes Pinheiro
kkkkkkk eu me lembro quando esse clip passava no programa Disk MTV. Será que eu sou único brasileiro aqui que se lembra dessa banda?
indigo K
if your a 90s kid youve had to have heard this before lol
Abril Doodles
A Lucrecio Hemmmings le gusta esto. Ahr