Good Charlotte - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

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Always see it on TV

Or read it in the magazines

Celebrities want sympathy

All they do is piss and moan

Inside the Rolling Stone

Talkin' about how hard life can be

I'd like to see them spend a week

Livin' life out on the street

I don't think they would survive

If they could spend a day or two

Walkin' in someone else's shoes

I think they'd stumble and they'd fall

They wouldfall (fall)

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous

They're always complainin'

Always complainin'

If money is such a problem

Well, they got mansions

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Forever one of my favorite songs. No matter how many times I listen to this song, once <a href="">2:36</a> hits I just get chills.
Carl Bryant
Hey it's the Kardashian's anthem!
I always thought it was funny that after they got really popular/famous they dated/married the rich celebrities they were making fun of
Bro those Liberty spikes 😭
Lauren Brender
gods above this reminds me of how awkward i was as a teen O.O and not in a good way....
Maria Gabriela Cinelli
funny how the Maddens are married, one to Nicole Richie and the other to cameron diaz xD
Kyudo Kun
Golden age of Alternative rock music. So proud to be part of it.
Nostalgia overload.... goddamn I miss this kind of music. The late 90s on into the early 00's music was so on point. Fuck what people call music now days!
They were spitting real truth and it was always overlooked. You can get away with anything if you've got money
jillian valentine
Kanye and Kim should listen to this song ;-)
john cook
Gosh I can't believe this song was released 13 year ago time flys
Franklin Gomez
Thanks fine bros
Damo Schostakowski Schosta
sorry this band is awesome like=yes reply no
safia bella
Ugh how did we go from this on the radio to all the shit now? Hit the quad? Dab? 1738? That shit isn't even music
We now know who robbed Kim k
someone remember when drake and josh listen this in the yellow car? :3
Billy was so hot ugh
Stuart Rubio
MTV in the mornings before school
Alison Reeve
anyone else here on an early-pop-punk-alt-rock pilgrimage of nostalgia?