Crash Kings - Non Believer

Music video by Crash Kings performing Non Believer. (C) 2010 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Ahhhhhhh this is so catchy reminds me of keane! Refreshingly original and abstract.
marty stickl
Showed them to my friend, and she got mad at me for getting her "addicted" ;p
Walter White
One of the very few albums that I thoroughly enjoy front to back. I don't dislike a single song. "My Love" may be my favorite though.
Why do you care? You found this band and enjoy them.. Why do you pay attention to people who are satisfied with studio engineered bass rifs and melodic rippoffs, backed by a consortium of trendwatchers and investors?
Such an underrated band. I love this song.
Jo Veloria
someone made me fall in love with this song. :)
To be fair this song sounds very generic.
Every song on this album is great
Nick Na
This and deserves WAY more credit than what it has right now
La Pyae
such an amazing band! \m/
Sesame Street Anchor Bay Dora Cypress Hill
(C) 2002 Cherrytree Records, under exclusive license to Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.
steven romero
Sixteen A$$$ Holes did not like this video...
Marie Bourque
I love the music..."mountain man" beautiful...just listening to the rest available...rock on
Aveen KoS
why is everyone obssesed about the unpopularity of their tastes? the creators dont care what your opinions on why they aren't popular, they just care why they could get you to like their song at all.
Emily Plays
It's been nearly two years since this comment. In these past ~700 days, this video has gotten 40,000 views, or hardly 60 per day. Gangnam Style has averaged over 4.3 MILLION per day since its release. I think that says it all, folks.
Breanna Silva
I'm the girl at 1:44. I LOVE these guys. Absolute sweethearts both times I've seen them in the area :)
Nice song!
Lisa L
Jared Baker
Preach! I feel ya. It scares me too, because I want a music career, and my music is the kind that probably won't get big because I have real talent. But fuck it, as long as it makes me happy, I'll play it. I just wish the majority actually listened to GOOD MUSIC, like us.
James Maddalena