O.A.R. - Shattered (Live at Axe Music One Night Only)

Music video by O.A.R. performing Shattered (Live at Axe Music One Night Only).

O.A.R. - Shattered (Live at Axe Music One Night Only) Смотреть онлайн
So what if his voice clips a bit sometimes. Sia has that too. The raw voices make the performance, emotion and lyrics more powerful. That is what makes music alive, and not sound like the somanieth piece of plastic. Great song, great performance.
Matty Ballgame
Best version of Shattered I have ever heard. Im a Bostonian, and I recommend seeing them play in the city if you ever can. They haf a lot of firsts, and many, many fans throughout the state. Relax for a delicate few baby!
Marc Roberge
One of my favorite bands! 
Great intro on this song!
Zach Yenor
Plus they left out the best part that famous piano riff
I'll never, ever get tired of this!!!!! Brings me to a perfect place.....just love it. Thank you for recording this beautiful song😊
I would have sex with most of the women !!! in the crowd
Esther Kaplan
theyre so good! why arnt they more famous?!!!!
Tanner Rhiner
Fernando Pondelick
Love oar
Alier Nikko
1 million dollars to whoever finds a black person in this video =.=
Mark Shull
0:05 lets all appreciate that thats their sax player
Nick G
Lead singer's mic is gated wrong. I'm an audio engineer. Whenever he starts singing into the mic it has a half second of reduced gain and then the gate releases the rest. I can only assume that the board operator was trying to handle stage noise from being picked up through the mic, but it would have been better to use directional mics such as SM-57s or using a slower attack speed on the gate. Another option would be to filter out very low frequencies using outboard or on board filters since there are no stage wedges. The whole band was using in ear monitors.
Ralph Smith
They are not famous because they are not diverse. Long live Latin-America.
richard meany
LOL at technology back then ...
Michael Myers
Seen O.A.R. At Red Rocks, it was great!
Daniel Allen
great band but not my concert lol. I guess I'll always be in the moshpits. this will be good to chill with. :)
Just saw them last week place went crazy for this song
Robert Reynard
The "Dude" nodding his head in the FRONT ROW??????
Zach Yenor
It sounds so bad live i Lost so much respect for this song