Brad Paisley - Anything Like Me (Live on Letterman)

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Furman Parton
I cry every time I hear this song. My wife and I lost our little boy 5 years ago. I remember thinking about what he'd be like as he grew up, but never got the chance to find out. We're just getting around to being brave enough to try again. It's a very sad song to me, but I can't help but look it up and listen to it from time to time to just have some time remembering him. Daddy loves you, Collin. See you on the other side, buddy.
Ken Davis
I'm 66 years old and a song writer. I have two sons. I was on the way to work when I heard this song. Couldn't help but cry. More perfect words to a song have never been written. This song reminds me of my boys growing up and I remember that feeling I had when I first left home. This is what country music is all about, or should be, when it can reach down into your soul and pull out these kinds of feelings. Great song. One of my favorites. Thanks Brad.
Alfonso Mejia
teared up first time i heard this... :)  I love being a daddy
Who left this bowl of onions here?
Suga93 Kookie
I love this song.... I can see that song means so much to.him........ 😭 it's ok Brad
I can't wait to meet our little baby in the spring<3
sounds so good live! thats real
marilene gondim
Brigado por organizar minhas coisas aí no youtube todos que fazem parte dessa página obrigada mesmo
Michaela Mccormick
this song reminds me of my friend who died 1 week ago
Sarah Freedom
I love my boys. I've got 5 of em. I remember thinking about how he will be when he was born. Now he's almost 10. The years really do fly by.
denis sanches
I am Brazilian and I love country someday I will be able to go in without pre show found this cool rhythm music d ... worth Brad Paisley
Michele LaPorte
My man makes me cry with everything he does, but it's a part of my healing process. He never goes a moment without reminding me of the love we share. His everything tears me apart and not always in a negative way, but we both heal through our music and it's the only thing that ties us together until he comes home for good. This man and many other men and women who dedicate their talents it's to tell their story, but at the end of the day many of our stories are pretty similar. Open your hearts as we have so many other songs coming up that will hopefully continue to help each and every person who needs our help. God Bless!
Michele LaPorte
Have I told you lately how much I love you. Will sing with you live in a bit. You are my everything and don't you ever forget that. I cannot survive without you, and not just online but in person. The real thing. We have the world and the rest of our lives to enjoy just as soon as football is over on Sunday. You better be hear, cuz I'm not waiting any longer and we have to plan this dam wedding in June. Can't wait to hold you again. The girls are gonna be amazed when they realize this is real and not just our fantasy. Stay safe my angel.....xoxoxoxox We have much time to plan after that to adopt as many kids as you want to. We are both still young and well ready to begin our family if you want to expand it any. Or, we can just enjoy the blessings we already have in the ones God has already blessed us with that I will leave up to you. God Bless baby!!
God take little angels, cos sometimes he also feels alone. He also lost his son aswell. Hope you and your spouse, find your way.
ilyy brookee
❤This Totally Reminds Me Of My Amazing Stepdad That Passed Away on 01.08.2017 & It Was Gonna Be Marcus & River Bc They Were Best Friends❤
I Miss You Marcus & So Does Bubba (Booboo) We Will Never Forget You & I Know I Won't Forget Our Amazing Memories On Your Truck & I Loved Being Your Amazing Fishing Buddy & Definitely Never Will Let You Down Bc I Loved Having Amazing Dad Like You !! I'm So Happy I Was Your Only Daughter & You Were Gonna Adopt Me .

Once A Millwood , Always A Millwood . ~ My New Favorite Saying For Only You & Bubba !! ❤
Gilvan Silva
nao tem musica melhor que a nos liga ao campo, e nos traz paz de espirito.
Fallcons Gaming
Kyle Blackwell
when i had my son i thought the same thing and he acts just like me and i love him more than anything in this whole world i wouldnt trade him for nothing.
Alexis Kuhnle
Bout five years ago i think my little brother died and he was so tiny like three inches and about the size of a stick of butter and this song reminds me and my mom about him and this song makes my mom tear up and its the same for me but yeah this song is for my baby brother Michael Jason Thomas Hartke he was born 11-5-2010-2-5-2011 and I love you little brother and every year me and mom listen to this song on his birthday and this song is for anyone who has kids doesn't matter if u have son or a daughter this song is for anyone in the world who loves country music and the one and only Brad Paisley and yeah this song makes my mom tear up a lot but mostly on Michael's birthday and every year its really hard for my mom?????
I'm very close with my dad, but we've never shared any kind of musical interests - my dad is not a "music guy."  When my son was born my dad sent me this song.  It is scare-ely close to things I've done in my life.  And I tear up every time I hear it.