Lee DeWyze - Sweet Serendipity

Music video by Lee DeWyze performing Sweet Serendipity. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

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"I ain't got no car..." immediately gets into a car.
KingAres MMA
I ain't got no car "but then hops right into a badass Mustang" wtf bro lmfao
chelsea gilmore
I hate this song because of working in retail.
Henry Cruz
so this song catched my attention over at this one Walgreens 😂😂 im like "Ok... Ok...🤔🤔"
This song is my happy song :) every time my depression starts to get the better of me or i'm feeling down and lost I listen to this song and it cheers me up instantly.
Biel Sabas
This just might be my alltime favorite song :3 #goals
D Hoyohoy
aldub/MaiDen brought me here!! Maine Mendoza caption to be specific hahaha
Gabrielle Long
I love how I found this song accidentally. <3
So I was trying to make a 'feel good' playlist for music that would keep me up-beat and happy.
Then a meth commercial came on.
Damn you youtube.
Makenzie Trooien
This is one of my all-time favorites! Gives me a sense of relaxation and it just makes me feel great about myself, no matter the current mood or situation I'm in! Happy New Year, everyone!
Song is uploaded to Youtube in the year of 2010,
It's 2014 now, still listening to this song <3
Jezreel Santos
I miss the mid 2000 music.
Dahvie Ley
You know if you work in retail you have heard this song plenty of times
Nadiah Nor Roslan
I miss these kind of songs
braziness 573
I work at JcPennys and this song plays from time to time I finally looked it up and it's amazing 😬😬😬😬
Makai Potato-chan
This song... Makes me lazy. :D
Fitz Mariñas
Split screen... Sweet serendipity... Alam niyo na 'yun! Happy 6 Months ADN! 👋🏼😘
Ana Laura Rumbaut
Charlie Bit My Finger is more than 600.000.000
This is only 2.000.000
Brendan R
I actually came here because I heard it in a store.
Biel Sabas
its so adorable this was their wedding song omg it's obvious its like they were made for each other. they shine as individuals together its so cute i cant