Days Difference - Speakers

Music video by Days Difference performing Speakers. (C) 2010 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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tvd brought me here <3
Faded Fragments
Shout out to TVD for bringing me here and commenting!
andrea torres
tvd brought me here!
Alexis Torres
I am watching a music video of someone watching a music video :D
Like if vampire diaries brought you here(:
holly pietrzak
shes on the vevo website
Erica Regina
Moment Vampire Diaries ♡
Nicole Yañez
i love it ❤📌
<a href="">1:13</a> that face lol
Ew It's Amber
I remember when I met u guys I miss it so much
Ugh this is making me miss them so much right now. I remember the good days when they were still making music.
Hollow Man
The full version (about <a href="">4:16</a> mins) is even sadder the way it ends. You can download it from now 35 and their self titled album.
Markith Harris
off my now that's I call music 35 2010 / Now. what's next bonus tracks
Piniel Demisse
กฤตยา รมยาคม
i like this video 3
กฤตยา รมยาคม
good video of you.
กฤตยา รมยาคม
Sabrina Chaffino
I'm sorry, but we're in 2013 and the date in the comment is that of a day in 2010. so no, i don't use myspace anymore.
You still use Myspace? GUYS. A RARE SPECIES.
am i the only one that thinks this video is just weird. am i on lsd?