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Don't touch me, I don't wanna feel your skin.

I know that you're only gonna hurt me.

I hear you, I don't wanna do it again,

'Cause we both know this is not a passing trait!

All along a failure to connect and to compromise.

Right or wrong, it's easy to react.

Time to realize.

(No more!)

And you keep talking but we both know it's not true.

I still know, that you're wrong.

And no matter what we both had to go through,

I just can't, I can't hold on.

I can't hold on!

(We cannot waste our lives this way.)

How far we've fallen when the road before us leads apart.

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William Oleson
Anyone else love how people complain that this band has changed so much when this song is like the only song on the album that is "softer."
Oli Herbert is one of the baddest ass guitarist's in the metal scene
Dumb, but resident evil reference at 0:26?
garret phillips
2:21 the face you make when you cant hold on
drummer has a unique style
Moral of the song? Nobody ever leaves Umbrella in one piece...
1:50 always reminds me of waking the demon by bullet for my valentine.
Jason Quintanilla
best metal core band ever!!!!!!!!!!
Really? He got fired by the Umbrella Corporation? What kind of insanely moral things do you have to do to lose that job?
If you compare Fall of Ideals to the latest stuff I'd say this song is the middle ground (all freaking awesome)
Map a
Oh God I love this song! is perfect for driving and stop next to a car, and see how they will close their window xD love it!
Cloud Strife
Almost five years latter I noticed a Resident Evil reference... Heheheheheheheh.
Derrick Barton
I don't know why but for some damn reason women are super attractive playing the guitar like that. Lmao
felix Alexander
He was fired from umbrella..and the world is falling apart around him..hmmm..i bet he lives in raccoon city
umbrella corporation aeuheuhue
Jimmy Taylor
Whos the red head looking in the mirror?
Troy White
yes never compare those two bands
Joy Walker
my brother will walker is the male lead in this video. I thought he did great by the way he is in the middle of making a movie. ....he is a serial killer lol but it is going to be great already seen a couple of shot's he is badass in this movie
they had me at two weeks.
Damn good song. Great band.