One of the fastest rappers ever! Ukraine’s got talent

i don't understand nothing but is good
I only speak English but I understand this more than "work work work work work" by Rihanna, smh -_-
Leo Messi 10
That dance was so funny 1:07
Is this Eminem's lost brother?
The judges must have been like
"hmmm, seems cheerful..."
hears him rap
Wish i knew what he was saying.
Kwon Schneider
He sounds like Gru from Despicable Me rapping😂 (no racial)
Dakotah Begay
one of those songs you listen to in rap and In a different language but don't even know how you got there.
Peter Lyu
it really depends on the language, my French friend always sounds like a submachine gun when he speaks French, but when he talks in english, he's actually a very slow-paced speaker.
N Jason
I didn't understand a word of this...

It was amazing!
fucking boss!!
Юрій Шийка
Hi everyone! My name is Vitalik.
I wear shoulder straps of lieutenant, standing in front of you: little wimp firefighter.
I came from Energodar, where there is the nuclear power plant,
so a little tip - between us should be some distance.
Well, now you know who I am, and what I can.
I'm either not a bad rapper, or just a pitty.
I know, I need to impress you in order to pass further.
One thing is just read rap, yet another is to rap without mistakes (falsehood).
<2 quick tongue-twisters>
I will hope for the best, not forgeting the bad,
because I'm a bit like Igor Kondratyuk (judge).
Slava Frolova (judge) was once an evil <inaudible>foba
I'm a hottie too...
For you the baker of the words.
Vyacheslav Uzelkov (judge), if something wrong, I'm running away,
To the bus stop, hop the bus and Vroom-Vroom-Vroom.
The storm of the fire - firefighter Vit-Vit-Vitalka.
Properly not Valka, but inspector Vitalka.
Believe in me, believe in Trojan (his last name),
I would like to hear from you three "Yes".

Всем привет. Меня зовут Виталик.
Ношу погоны старлея, перед вами маленький дрищь пожарник.
Приехал с Энергодара, где находиться атомная станция,
поэтому небольшой совет - между нами должна быть дистанция.
Ну вот, вы уже понимаете кто я такой, на что способен.
Я то ли неплохой репер, то ли просто жура.
Знаю надо вас удивить, дабы пройти немого дальше.
Одно дело зачитать, но надо так чтобы без фальши.
<2 быстрые скороговорки>
Буду надеяться на лучшее, но не забывать о плохом,
ведь я немного похож с Игорем Кондратюком.
Слава Фролова когда-то была злой <неразборчиво>фоба
Я тоже перчик ничего...
За Вами пекарь слова.
Вячеслав Узелков, если чё, то я бегом,
побегу на остановку на маршрутку врум-врум-врум.
Гроза огня - пожарный Вит-Вит-Виталька.
Правильно не Валька, а инспектор Виталька.
Поверьте в меня, поверте в Трояна,
хотелось бы услышать от вас три "ДА".
Kalle Ha
Sounds like AK 47 :D
johnpaul quevedo
I can do it too!

Spencer Stevens
Is this is enimens lost brother from unkraine
Funny Kids
It sounds like someone went wild with a uzi XD
his rap was soooo good GODDAMN!
Kieran !!
still more understandable than young thug
William Jones
Props bro best in Ukraine