Two naked guys danced with towels on Ukraine’s got talent

Artem Strogin and Vladimir Stuka danced on the stage almost naked covering themselves with towels.

Two naked guys danced with towels on Ukraine’s got talent Смотреть онлайн
Abdelkader Mhadhbi
they have copied from the French program
mike travis
They are wearing flesh coloured underwear <a href="">2:30</a> not that I was looking that closely lol.
Michael joseph Leto
They just copied two france boys show they made the same think same show same music but france boys are better than them
Marcus Galat
They are wearing under wares
C Ethan
That's not talent. That's copying.
Nathan Taylor
<a href="">2:23</a> you can see there not naked
Моя Худорба
sushi_maki_ surimi
c des français qui ont inventé ça !!!
Stacey-Lee Gilchrist
Maya Oc
This is not their act, it is a very poor imitation, they have copied it from 2 French performers Les Beaux Frères.
Yeah right.  Stupid reactions from the audience, that's what we want to see.
Ab1ga1l Szet0 World
Don't pause a <a href="">2:42</a>
Julieta Hernandez.garcia
like si vistes que se le vio su miembro 😱😱😱😫😥
Stressed Judge Bøy
They are faking french guys
A yusuf
Ukraine’s are boring people. no one in the audience laughed
Alexandra Schmitz
So disappointing guys!! How do you give you the right to copy such a good act by Les Beaux Frères ??!! Especially in a TV show called " Got Talent " !!! Now I am asking you : Where is your talent ? Even the immitation is bad. Shame on you.
Danilo Benitez
funny he..he?
Pakisawsaw Lang
<a href="">2:42</a> - <a href="">2:43</a> clearly shows that they have underwear
Jason Russell
I hate you guys
//Pures// // BTS FAN //
<a href="">2:32</a> has naked scene