O.A.R. - This Town (Live at AXE Music One Night Only)

Music video by O.A.R. performing This Town (Live at AXE Music One Night Only).

O.A.R. - This Town (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) Смотреть онлайн
Jose Reyes
If your a mets fan this is Daniel Murphy's at bat theme.
Brian Pentecost
Ohh wait I live in Chicago..
Jeremy Paxman Jill Starr
I love your label! <br /><br />
Jeremy Paxman Jill Starr
J'amourez -vous votre, label de : musique!
dave Mcdonough
You must have not thought about the reason why a lot of bands suck live; because they need the help in post and are not good enough to play live with other musicians. That's how you tell who's good, by their live shows. DMB's not my favorite but their live sound is great. Check out some jam bands. They playing great sounding, in quality, (and substance imo) music.
Karen Leiser
No way, he is WAY cuter than Jimmy Kimmel.
Anthony Morabito
I have to say, this is one of the few bands that sound better in concert. It just goes to show how amazing talented they are as performers and as artists.
Bug pot
i love this song. only heard it yesterday, and its great! so happy and such a good feeling song. whats not to love
singer looks like jimmy kimmel big time
Ashley V
Ashley V
@luckydubefan94 obviously dont know music. fagg.
molly westfield
@yangoholic Haha yes! he does!
why couldnt it be this band instead of Great White?
Lucky Dube
the girls at 2:15 are so annoying
Wow 236 thumbs up and 244,683 viewers .... The numbers don't add up!
Robson Junior
20 people don't wanna take this town! Screw them!! :-)
@aebauer16 no.. just an annual bleacher creature at the CWS...1 state south of Nebraska
Megi G
Austin Martin
i bet if that blond chick saw this vid shed be freaking out like oh crap im on some youtube vid
Kaz Piech
listen to miles away by kaz piech