Weezer - Troublemaker

Music video by Weezer performing Troublemaker. (C) 2008 Interscope Records

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Rivers is so sluggish on stage. Still good though
My mom used to play this song all the time when I was a child.
I want Rivers to poke my finger too DDD::::::: lol
1:37   did he just kiss that guy  o-o
I'm like converting my boyfriend to look like Rivers and he doesn't even know it lol. We both met Rivers at the OC show in July. My life was made. Also, he was kind of awkward? or high or something but he was really nice and super cute.
Scott Zaccagnini
Can anyone tell me why Pat is on guitar and Josh Freese is the drummer?
Dam, i used to make a playlist to go to bed with but sometimes its hard to fall asleep when a loud ass advertisement comes on talking about batteries....
Hamish Malcolm
OK, how come the description says this is the music video when it's a live performance?
1:03 hahahha fingers
Is that Elliot Morgan in the yellow shirt? OMG! It is! This video just got 1.5 times cooler.
AJ Hauff
Yeah thats fucked. Rivers needs to play the guitar
David Dalton
+helikestv Disturbed and Blink are two of the dumbest bands I've ever had the misfortune to hear about. Disturbed is one of the worst fake metal bands, and Blink is a terribly autotuned band with one of the worst lead singers played on the radio.
1:01 penny for your thoughts
this was the very first song i listened to
Alex Baillie
Why doesn't Brian play the lead guitar? It makes sense when Rivers is playing, but when he isn't it just seems like they don't like Brian.
Ellen Arcola
Fyckin' looooove RIVERS!
go Weezer
Sarah Thomas
They sold lots of Buddy Holly glasses to the crowd.
I freaking love weezer!
jose antonio perez
vaya mierda no