O.A.R. - Crazy Game of Poker (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) ft. Asher Roth

Music video by O.A.R. performing Crazy Game of Poker (Live at AXE Music One Night Only).

O.A.R. - Crazy Game of Poker (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) ft. Asher Roth Смотреть онлайн
Brodie McGrath
I like Asher Roth but this fucking sucked he straight up like ruined the entire performance with his shrieking voice cracks
John Rambo
If I need a song to take me back to the good ole days of 98' I can put this song on repeat. I still remember accidently hearing this. Finding out who it was and then exposing it to everyone at House Parties and everyone loved it and still does. Its rare we got this song that did so much for us. Playing in the background of our Good times, or bringing us out of bad times. Its a classic. Live version kicks ass!!
Great song.
The best part of this video being 6 years old is knowing that "rapper" never succeeded.
Vincent Valerio
Best band around the last 10 years... Just as great now as before they went main stream....... IUP sig tau's.
such a great song!
I would've enjoyed the rap, if it was actually good.
Zachary Smith
thank you for doing this live and putting on YouTube, can listen anywhere! shattered is ridiculous how you bring it up instrumentally for 2 min you guys are awesome, come to Stamford, ct 06903 or back to MSG, NYC asap, your in midwest and south all year through next.
Yay, Underoath! Honestly, my favorite band of all time. I've been pretty down about music in general since their breakup. I used to love FOB all well, but I agree with you, their new album is god-awful. It sounds more like Rihanna than any rock band ever should.
I know what the genre of "emo" is. Bands like Circle Takes the Square, City of Caterpillar and Pianos Become the Teeth fit under the "emo" blanket. And all of those bands are terrific. You claim that I am not prepared for this "battle of wits". Except you defend O.A.R. while claiming emo music is "terrible". Dumb. And before you try to attack me personally again, keep in mind that I am only opposed to worship of a lackluster band. All of Andrew McMahon's projects are better than this. Unfair.
This little "lecture" of yours is absolutely adorable. What's an "emo" musician anyway? Retard.
Please, you'll probably give your last five bucks to any ladyboy willing to suck your shrimp off. I know too much about music to trifle with you. Please define what kind of music a "poser" listens to before I pee in your mouth.
Johns Great Cars
Seems to me you have some type of underlying issue with frat guys as opposed to this music. What's the matter, are you still bitter you weren't invited to their parties and never got to hook up with any girls? You forgot the 3rd kind of music listeners...Posers, like you. People who are self-righteous and think their opinion is the correct one. Your lame.
1. Not Ska 2. Reel Big Fish has some of the whitest dudes in existence and they make bangin Ska jams.
Well, you see, there are two kinds of music listeners: diehards, and people that are lucky to hear four albums a year. For people with awareness of the music scene, OAR is very much lackluster. For frat dudes in straw hats it's perfectly awesome. Now, back to your first comment. Why am I not allowed to click on an internet video? There's some real morons on youtube, but you're pretty special. I'd call you retarded, but the mentally handicapped have more common sense than you.
You know how stupid this logic is, right? I hadn't listened to OAR in years, and since most everyone with true music knowledge despises them I figured I'd reacquaint myself with just how poor their tunes really are.
lol, your comment made me laugh, I don't know who Andrew is and not a big fan of OAR but this is a sick song. that was a crazy game of poker , let me tell you
OAR is fucking garbage. I can't believe Andrew McMahon is touring with these douches.
Ryan Hermes
Asher must have been gone haha "strip poker, take it off"