Kenny Chesney - Coastal (Walmart Soundcheck)

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Tank top, love handles

Tube socks, Jesus sandals

Cheap blender, icebucket

Raw oysters, yeah, give me one and shuck it

Holds up a frozen orange daiquiri

And laughs, here's to the boys at the factory

No more building transmissions

He's going deep sea fishing

Catch a marlin, catch a tan

Catch a local cover band

Hey, you gotta watch that man

He'll go coastal on ya

Silver hair, silver Buick

Winter's coming, better move it

Southbound before they get snowed under

Call the kids, tell 'em see you next summer

No more freezing their tails off

It's cataractsunglasses and a round of golf

Red skin, green plaid, margarita, dog track

Before you know it Mom and Dad

They'll go coastal on ya

Sounds so good, got me thinking

What do y'all say after I'm done singing

We just take a little getaway

Cruise itdown the A1A

Florabama to the Keys

Better keep your eye on me

I'll go coastal on ya

I'll go coastal on ya

Yeah, I'll go coastal on ya

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Kevin Urbeck
LXA brothers for life!!
@martdogg123 umm, hes NOT gay, okay? WHY would he have MARRIED renee zellweger if he was, hmm? & its just an OBVIOUS thing that he IS NOT gay. i mean, what EXACTLY makes you say that? do you know him? hes amazing, & the best person alivee, so PLEASE dont even diss him. i mean really? like, have you heard his music? it puts people in good moods if theyre down about something. you have no heart if youre calling him gay, because he has prettyy much the biggest heart ever.. I LOVE YOU KENNYY! ♥ (:
todd smith
Kenny, can you put more songs like this on future album's.
kristina ciminillo
I am so totally ready to go coastal!!! ;)
Christopher Poche
the virus 2002
good job
holly dasilva
Not the best
Been coastal and now't wait to cruise down the A1A again....hopefully see you there Kenny! :)
zachattack tacky
you seem to be an asshole from my point of view. :)
Ashley Dutchak
his music makes me want to run away and never come back!!! KEEP IT UP!
@TheFarmermatt14 So you would rather pay for youtube? ads keep this shit free so we don't have to pay out of pocket stop complaining and wait the 30 seconds I'm sorry you don't have that time to waste though seems like your life is in such a rush you can't wait 30 seconds.
Jonathan Boyd
@TheFarmermatt14 Get Google chrome or firefox with Adblock plus. Problem solved. And stop with the annoying "Copy and paste if you...." Nobody want's to see that crap, they want to see a good comment about the video.
Kayla S
just saw him in concert.... and oh boy. he's amazing on CD, but live he's incredible. his concert left me speechless. he truly is a wonderful performer. (:
who cares if hes gay he's awesome. I can't wait to see him come up to the Meadowlands this august its gonna be a great show Zac Brown Band, Billy Currington, Uncle Kracker, and of course, Kenny Chesney. I can't wait for it im so pumped. Country coming up North gotta love it.
Sara Weathers
Cody Daum
I've been coastal my entire life down in Pensacola, FL!! Right next to the Flora-Bama!
Two aren't going coastal on em. :)
Linda Hole
I don't claim to know anything about KC personally and I don't think a lot of other people saying negative things on here about him know him any better than I do. As long as he has a good heart and seems from what I hear a big heart, then why all this bashing? Leave him alone and let those who enjoy his music and videos, enjoy them in peace. Go pick on some (c)rap stars
Matthew Rashid
Do you remember.... 1. When you could get on youtube without a huge ad at the top of your homepage? 2. When EVERY music video was from a user, not Vevo? 3. When you could use it as a music player without having an ad in the beginning of a music vid? 4. When copyright infringement wasn't a big deal? 5. When it was YOUtube? Copy and paste onto videos telling youtube how PISSED we, the YOU in YOUtube, are with their greedy corporate butts thumbs up if you agree